Tuesday, December 4

Tutorial: How To Make a Wall Vase

Hello Friends!
   Here i am sharing the tutorial of wall vase.wall vases are the thing i like most because they look very elegant and also not a space consuming thing. As you know that i am new in the world of blogging so this is my first tutorial post. if anyone have problem or do not understand my tutorial please ask to me...

 Paper of any type. (which you 
want to use for making vase)
and Glue.

Cut a paper into half circle.

Fold the paper from both edges (like this).

 Now unfold your paper again and fold one side of the paper
and add glue on it. now fold the other
side on the glue side.and leave it to dry.

when you glued the both sides of the circle paper
your vase will look like this.

Now add some glue to the folded paper 
side(which is vase back side)
You can also punch a hole on the 
back side (if you want).

Paste it anywhere you want. i paste it on my cupboard door.
you can decorate it with anything or you can simply 
color it. 

 and now the final look.
i put my lovely crape paper roses in the vase.

 It gives life to my room,haha but i don't know
 from where i got this idea?
No! this is my own creativity.
If you like my creative idea of making 
vase from a paper you must tell me about it.
I would love to hear from you.

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