Saturday, February 23

Photo Frame and Flowers Tutorial.

Here i am telling you how to
 turned pile of old magazines into a photo frame.

Take a magazine and separate its pages.
 then role the page and make a stick of paper.

Like this.
You can roll paper as needed.
then glue them and make your desired shape of frame.

Then decorate it with your favorite stuff..

This craft is easy and not expensive.
even kids can do this.

And Now Formic sheet Flower.
 Take a piece of formic sheet and make some cuts on this.
Remember this that you have to leave one end of the strip without
making cuts.

 Take a thin cloth and cover the stripe with it and iron it
It will become curvy now fold the end of strip and quill it like a flower.

 That's easy.
If you find any problem feel free to ask me.
I will love to answer you.
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