Tuesday, January 22

Paper Flowers In Wall Vase.

what a beautiful quote...
Flowers always make people better, Happier,
 and more helpful; They are sunshine,
  food and medicine for the soul.
(Luther Burbank)

Flowers are always beautiful.
 real flowers have their own beauty 
but artificial flowers looks stunning too.
but if these artificial flowers are self made
 or you have make flower by your own
 then they look more attractive 
  and you love them more...
This is my own experience... try this thing.

My today post is about my new
 handmade paper flowers.
 Take a look... 

 i made
 them by the technique of quilling.
 and the leaves are of green crape paper

You recognize this paper wall vase?
If "No" then visit Tutorial of Wall Vase.
Take a try...it is so simple.

A complete look of the flower.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
And as always,

 I look forward to know your feedback :)

i link it to
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