Monday, January 14

Recycling:Old Purse Into New

Hello! How are you all???
I hope you all are fine and 
enjoying winter.

Some days back i do a recycling project
 Which is quite interesting.
I recycle an Old Purse of mine into New.
I had a brown purse that looks so dull and i didn't use it
But few days ago i got an idea of recycling purse from a web
Then i thought that i can recycle my brown purse.
 So i did it. Take a look....

My old one was so dull, like an old women purse...HaHa.
But i make it bright and young. Agree???

In case you are interested in How I did this, I will 
briefly explain for you.
First i cut a fabric to cover my purse.Then i glue it
 with purse outside and stitch it with needle 
to attached it strongly.
Then i use Glitter fabric paint in golden
 to make a outline.
(but actually to hiding stitches).
Then i stitch brown ribbon on fabric
and paste a Flower on it.
At the end i tie ribbons in zip hocks.
that's it.

If  you have any Question or Confusion
Feel Free to ask me...

And as always,
 I look forward to know your feedback :)
Thank you for stopping by!!!

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