Friday, July 25

Eid-ul-fitr, Eid cards(Handmade)

Eid-ul-fitr is coming and every Muslim is shopping for themselves,
 decorating their houses and preparing for eid 
to celebrate this eid with great happiness.
 In ours happiness we Muslims cannot forget our friends,relatives
 and other people around us.
 on Eid everyone exchange gifts and Eid cards and
 give Eiddi to the young ones.
so, I have make some Eid cards on order of my friends... 
these are four in number. 
I am not make separate post for each... due to my....laziness. HaHa
Please take a look.

colorful floral Eid card
All Flowers are made with duplex paper. and statement
is hand written that mean Eid Mubarik....

Eid Card
2nd handmade Eid card is pink themed with pearls and butterfly.

Hanhmade Eid greeting card For Him.
This one is for HIM. with Handmade flower on it.

Handmade EID Greeting card
This one is again pink themed.with hand stitches and ribbon.

Handmade cards

hamdmade greeting cards
I hope you will like my effort...
your comments are welcome...


  1. Cute cards.I love the colours on the butterfly one.I am sure your friends loved them.

  2. Eid Mubarak Sweety ..........lovely cards...........


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