Monday, September 10

Glass Painting - Bismillah

 Assalam Alaikum!!!
   Glass painting  is a unique work to do, it takes lots of mypractice.This is one of my favorite work to do when i am free and i love to waste time on it....HaHa.
     I am very excited to share this post Today, Its the first post on my new webpage & i am starting with Bismillah…the translation of this calligraphy(you can see on glass) is; 

               In The Name Of Allah(God), The Most Beneficent 
& The Most Merciful.

If you want to learn glass painting

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My other glass paintings are:- 


  1. So beautiful, can you please email me the tracing of this calligraphy? so I can print out this..

  2. may your work be blessed by ALLAH ,but as long as the sentence love to waste my time remains you may see difficulties ,a humble request if you make it love to spend my time on it,this will make your time worth and your beautiful work more beautiful ,remember me in your prayers..ummati

    1. Thanks ummati for liking my work and advising me. and sorry for my sentence.... I'll correct it. thanks again.....


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