Friday, September 21

Paper Flower

Hello friends!!!
    Here i am sharing my another creativity with you. i learned quilling art from internet, it is very simple and easy art but very beautiful... i love it...
Quilling” is a paper art where thin strips of paper are rolled/coiled to form different shapes. Then these delicate shapes/patterns are arranged together to form a complete design.

I made flowers:-
  •  I made these three flowers by the technique of quilling.
  • The leaves of it are of simple green paper.
At the end of arranging the flowers i use a chain
 and two bangles. i fixed the bangles
 at the end of the chain and then fix this chain over the last flower.

I hope you enjoyed... plz comment... 

Sunday, September 16

Empty bottle painting

 Hi friends...!!!
 One day when i got up in the morning i saw an empty bottle in my room  then i thought of it that why and from where it come from?but i couldn't found any reason then i decide that i can do something new with it some thing creative...
After doing all my work i draw a rough sketch of a tree on paper and then a copy it on this empty bottle and then colour it. i use green glitter to give darker shade of leaves. and golder glass paint to colour stem of the tree..
and the final look of this empty bottle is this:-

How to do glass painting...

 Glass painting is one such unique painting which is laid down on the back of the glass, and painted from the reverse. Glass painting basically involves painting on tinted (stain) glass. 

To do glass painting You need :-

1. Stained Glass
2. Black tube color (for out line design)
3. Trace paper with design of your choice
4. Glass paint colors
5. Brush (Thin brush #1-2) 

1.   Select a design
If this is your first attempt at painting on glass, then go for a simple glass painting pattern.
2.   Select the glass size
Start drawing on small pieces of glass . Choose square, round or rectangular piece of glass as per the requirement of the design that you have selected. Make sure that the piece does not have scratches or defects.
 3.   Cut a sheet paper
The sheet could be of a piece of a chart paper or normal paper. Measure the dimensions of the glass on which the painting has to be done and keep the sheet 1 or 2 inches more than the glass, for all the four sides or for the radius in case of a round shape.
4.   Make the design on paper
My best advise for beginners is that you should trace it for example if you wanna  make a Sun flower painting u have to print or get a sketch or design of it. 
5.   Clean the glass
Cleaning the glass is necessary to avoid any dirt, fibers or greasy material on the glass as they can make the outline smudgy on coming in contact with the outlining tube or paint.
6.   Make the outline of the design on the glass
After the surface has been cleaned, put the glass over the design and trace the outline of  your desired  design on the glass. When you are done, leave the outline to dry for 3 hours. Ensure that it is not drying in a place where there is dust
7.   Apply glass paints
 After the black outline has dried completely. apply glass paints of your desired choice on your designed glass and leave it until it is dry.

Monday, September 10

Glass painting-la illaha

 Welcome!!! to my another Islamic glass painting design.
 I love glass painting and i think it is very good time passing activity.
I do this calligraphy last month and try to make it with glitter.
 I am not a professional painter so that's why
 my work is not so clear i did it in my free time 
only for decorating my home and also
 to do different, to do new creativity....

Here is my new glitter glass painting 
which is a Islamic calligraphy and its translation in English is...

"There is absolutely no deity worthy of worship except Allah,
 and Mohammad (peace be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah."


Hope you enjoyed... If you like it please let me know...
Any question is always welcome and I would reply you ... 
                                        WAITING FOR YOUR COMMENTS

My other glass paintings are:- 

Glass Painting - Bismillah

 Assalam Alaikum!!!
   Glass painting  is a unique work to do, it takes lots of mypractice.This is one of my favorite work to do when i am free and i love to waste time on it....HaHa.
     I am very excited to share this post Today, Its the first post on my new webpage & i am starting with Bismillah…the translation of this calligraphy(you can see on glass) is; 

               In The Name Of Allah(God), The Most Beneficent 
& The Most Merciful.

If you want to learn glass painting

Thanks for visiting my blog, please feel free to comment....

My other glass paintings are:- 

Sunday, September 9

My new blog

Hi everyone!
This is Fatimah. I would like to welcome you to my blog...

This is the very first time i am starting with a blog. This blog is completly based on Art. All my creativity that i would like to share with u all.
      All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.  -Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Please feel free to comment, suggest ideas and discuss topics.

Enjoy reading.....!!

Fatimah hayat.
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