Thursday, December 20

christmas explosion card.

Hello every one!!!
     as you all know that Christmas is coming, so i make a explosion card to greet one of my dearest friend.
its my first try to make an explosion card. but it is an exciting experience for my to make it.
Here are the pictures.

 Christmas tree is made of green crape paper.

Please give your valuable remarks.
I love to hear from you.
a very happy Christmas to all of you.

Friday, December 14

Glass Painting Patterns

Hello Friends!!!
   I hope you all are fine...
you all know that Glass painting is the most beautiful and impressive work to do. its so simple and clear art.Its important to know How to do glass painting? but the pattern of glass painting are most important part of painting.If you have a best pattern for the painting then you don't worry about the out come of your paining.
So Today i thought to share some Glass Painting patterns with all of you. i love to do glass painting so i collect glass painting patterns from everywhere i found.

 Here are some of my most favorite glass painting patterns.

If any of my friend want to learn glass painting
then or a beginner of painting on glass
  Here are some helpful information about glass painting
Thanks for stopping here.

Tuesday, December 4

Tutorial: How To Make a Wall Vase

Hello Friends!
   Here i am sharing the tutorial of wall vase.wall vases are the thing i like most because they look very elegant and also not a space consuming thing. As you know that i am new in the world of blogging so this is my first tutorial post. if anyone have problem or do not understand my tutorial please ask to me...

 Paper of any type. (which you 
want to use for making vase)
and Glue.

Cut a paper into half circle.

Fold the paper from both edges (like this).

 Now unfold your paper again and fold one side of the paper
and add glue on it. now fold the other
side on the glue side.and leave it to dry.

when you glued the both sides of the circle paper
your vase will look like this.

Now add some glue to the folded paper 
side(which is vase back side)
You can also punch a hole on the 
back side (if you want).

Paste it anywhere you want. i paste it on my cupboard door.
you can decorate it with anything or you can simply 
color it. 

 and now the final look.
i put my lovely crape paper roses in the vase.

 It gives life to my room,haha but i don't know
 from where i got this idea?
No! this is my own creativity.
If you like my creative idea of making 
vase from a paper you must tell me about it.
I would love to hear from you.

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Sunday, November 18

Mirror Painting- Al Hamdu Lillah

Hi everyone!!!
           i hope you all are fine. today my post is about one of my Islamic calligraphy which is a mirror painting. i paint a islamic phrase which is Al hamdu lillah.
 Alhamdulillah (الحمد لله) is an Arabic phrase meaning "Praise to God" or "All praise belongs to God, In everyday speech it simply means "Thank God". It is used by Muslims as well as Arabic-speaking Jews and Christians.

mirror painting is little bit confusing because the design of your glass painting cannot copied on mirror easily. you have to make design without tracing and using your glass painting led. but if your drawing skill is better then you don't face any trouble. afterword using color on mirror is not much difficulty.

i make this calligraphy on a small size mirror

that's it.
i place it with my cute apple shaped 
marble clock (which is a gift from my brother to me)
on corner table..
please feel free to comment...
i love to hear from you about my creativity.

Saturday, November 10

My First Quilling Card

Hello Friends!!!
        Here is my first quilling project, which is a card. some time ago i read a new word "Quilling" on a blog then a Google it, at this time i was so amazed that quilling is a totally new world and amazingly beautiful work.but i didn't hear or read this word before and didn't see any quilling work. i love the technique of quilling and decide to take a try. 

   And here is my ever first quilling card which i make to thanks all those crafters who shares new techniques  and ideas of quilling with quilling learners......
          Thanks and best wishes for all quilling experts. 

An incomplete card

if you like this card then plzz tell me...
i love to hear from you 
about my first effort.

Thursday, October 18

Toilet Roll Wall Hanging

  Hello friends!!!
 Reusing things that are normally discarded or recycled
are always fantastic...
In our daily use paper towel and toilet paper is very common 
but we often through their empty rolls and never think
 to recycle it.
 few days ago i am surfing on net and then thoroughly i  find an
 interesting thing 
which is "TP roll wall art". i search on it and 
i try to make something new, which i never tried before.

I make my cute wall hanging in only two hours and i enjoyed this work.
I only use one toilet paper roll.

How to make it:-
  • Cut TP roll in 16 equal parts.
  • Spray paint on petals.
  • Make your own design by applying glue
  • Wait till glue dry.
  •  Use any button or half pearl to make flower center.
  • Set this on your frame.
  • Your cute wall hanging is ready.
I use golden paint for painting flowers from front  and
 the contrast of green half pearls are awesome.
I hope you will enjoy this as much as i did.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Saturday, October 6

Floral Glass Painting

 Hello friends!!
I am here with my new glass painting. 
i love flowers so
 i think that making flowers on glass is not a bad idea 
so i draw flowers copied them 
on glass and then color them....
you know... it is fun to play with colors.

You can learn the technique of glass painting from my earlier post 

This is the picture of white daisy flowers and after it i used color
 to make daisy bright and beautiful.

That's it....
and now the complete floral glass painting. i use red and
 blue color for the border of  floral painting.

If you like my painting then plzzz tell me.
waiting for your lovely comments.....

My other glass paintings are:- 

Friday, October 5

White Paper Flower

Hi Friends...!!!
I start my today's post with
 A very beautiful quote on flowers...

"Flowers always make 
people better, happier,
 and more helpful; 
they are sunshine, 
food and medicine for the soul"  
My today's post is about flowers,
but they are neither fresh flowers nor the silk flowers
they are hand made paper flowers.

i love paper flowers so some time ago i think of paper 
flowers and then i start my work on it. 
 These flowers are very easy to make.

everyone who love to make flowers 
can easily  make them.

i hope i will soon post the tutorial of these flower...
 comment please...

Friday, September 21

Paper Flower

Hello friends!!!
    Here i am sharing my another creativity with you. i learned quilling art from internet, it is very simple and easy art but very beautiful... i love it...
Quilling” is a paper art where thin strips of paper are rolled/coiled to form different shapes. Then these delicate shapes/patterns are arranged together to form a complete design.

I made flowers:-
  •  I made these three flowers by the technique of quilling.
  • The leaves of it are of simple green paper.
At the end of arranging the flowers i use a chain
 and two bangles. i fixed the bangles
 at the end of the chain and then fix this chain over the last flower.

I hope you enjoyed... plz comment... 

Sunday, September 16

Empty bottle painting

 Hi friends...!!!
 One day when i got up in the morning i saw an empty bottle in my room  then i thought of it that why and from where it come from?but i couldn't found any reason then i decide that i can do something new with it some thing creative...
After doing all my work i draw a rough sketch of a tree on paper and then a copy it on this empty bottle and then colour it. i use green glitter to give darker shade of leaves. and golder glass paint to colour stem of the tree..
and the final look of this empty bottle is this:-

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