Thursday, October 18

Toilet Roll Wall Hanging

  Hello friends!!!
 Reusing things that are normally discarded or recycled
are always fantastic...
In our daily use paper towel and toilet paper is very common 
but we often through their empty rolls and never think
 to recycle it.
 few days ago i am surfing on net and then thoroughly i  find an
 interesting thing 
which is "TP roll wall art". i search on it and 
i try to make something new, which i never tried before.

I make my cute wall hanging in only two hours and i enjoyed this work.
I only use one toilet paper roll.

How to make it:-
  • Cut TP roll in 16 equal parts.
  • Spray paint on petals.
  • Make your own design by applying glue
  • Wait till glue dry.
  •  Use any button or half pearl to make flower center.
  • Set this on your frame.
  • Your cute wall hanging is ready.
I use golden paint for painting flowers from front  and
 the contrast of green half pearls are awesome.
I hope you will enjoy this as much as i did.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Saturday, October 6

Floral Glass Painting

 Hello friends!!
I am here with my new glass painting. 
i love flowers so
 i think that making flowers on glass is not a bad idea 
so i draw flowers copied them 
on glass and then color them....
you know... it is fun to play with colors.

You can learn the technique of glass painting from my earlier post 

This is the picture of white daisy flowers and after it i used color
 to make daisy bright and beautiful.

That's it....
and now the complete floral glass painting. i use red and
 blue color for the border of  floral painting.

If you like my painting then plzzz tell me.
waiting for your lovely comments.....

My other glass paintings are:- 

Friday, October 5

White Paper Flower

Hi Friends...!!!
I start my today's post with
 A very beautiful quote on flowers...

"Flowers always make 
people better, happier,
 and more helpful; 
they are sunshine, 
food and medicine for the soul"  
My today's post is about flowers,
but they are neither fresh flowers nor the silk flowers
they are hand made paper flowers.

i love paper flowers so some time ago i think of paper 
flowers and then i start my work on it. 
 These flowers are very easy to make.

everyone who love to make flowers 
can easily  make them.

i hope i will soon post the tutorial of these flower...
 comment please...
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