Friday, September 5

Heart shaped box

Hello crafters.
Here is a  heart shaped box that i make by following a tutorial some days ago just to take a try. i was not serios to make a box but i just want to follow a tutorial that i found on Pinterest... but it comes so beautifully. then i decorate it with Handmade flowers....
Here are some pictures of my pink box.

 Inside of this box.

For Tutorial that i follow to made this box Click Here.  

I hope you will like it... 
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting here.

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Wednesday, August 27

4in1 Pencil Holder(for office)

Hello my lovely blog readers...!
Here is a new project to share with all crafters.
which is 4in1 Pencil holder.A pencil holder,A business card holder,
a name plate,and a post-it-note holder.
there is a story behind this pencil holder.
Actually my brother asked me to arrange a pencil holder for his office.
 next day he asked again to arrange a business card holder, some days after
he asked again for post it note holder....
 so I think that why I arrange these things??? I have to make it by my self...
so firstly I make pencil holder then I make card holder and then
 his name plate, than there was a problem that where to fix post it notes???
 so i arrange all thing on one piece of paper and all my tensions has gone...
now you see my creation and tell me your views about it.

 as you know i make this for my bro
so i write his name "Umer Hayat"

 Back sade of this pencil holder with sticky notes
its my first time to write a quilling words.and i admit
 that its a tough you will tell me
that how was my first effort....
i am waiting to hear from you..
Thanks for visiting here......

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Thursday, August 14

Pakistan's Independence day

Its Pakistan's Independence day we Pakistani celebrate it with honor and joy.  today i am sharing a link of BBC documentary Its name is PARTITION-The Day India Burned. MUST WATCH. And here is the link... .this documentary shows the condition and situation of that time when people left their homes for their new homeland... that was the biggest migrations in history. 15 million were displaced and more than a million lost their lives. The story is told through the testimony of people who lived together for centuries, but were forced out of their homes as one of the largest and most ethnically diverse nations in the world was divided.
and now i am showing you some Love for PAKISTAN.....

 Pakistan's Flag with Quilling...

 skin painting and nail art only for the love of Pakistan

 delicious cake for Independence day

again Pakistan's flag
i hope you will love it......


Friday, July 25

Eid-ul-fitr, Eid cards(Handmade)

Eid-ul-fitr is coming and every Muslim is shopping for themselves,
 decorating their houses and preparing for eid 
to celebrate this eid with great happiness.
 In ours happiness we Muslims cannot forget our friends,relatives
 and other people around us.
 on Eid everyone exchange gifts and Eid cards and
 give Eiddi to the young ones.
so, I have make some Eid cards on order of my friends... 
these are four in number. 
I am not make separate post for each... due to my....laziness. HaHa
Please take a look.

colorful floral Eid card
All Flowers are made with duplex paper. and statement
is hand written that mean Eid Mubarik....

Eid Card
2nd handmade Eid card is pink themed with pearls and butterfly.

Hanhmade Eid greeting card For Him.
This one is for HIM. with Handmade flower on it.

Handmade EID Greeting card
This one is again pink themed.with hand stitches and ribbon.

Handmade cards

hamdmade greeting cards
I hope you will like my effort...
your comments are welcome...

Tuesday, July 22

Handmade Floral Wall Hanging...

Hi Everyone... 
First of all Happy Ramadan to everyone.
Ramadan is going great here with lot of its blessing.
after Ramadan...its EID.....
till now everyone is trying to be prepared for Eid.
I am also preparing Eid cards and gift items for Eid.
so this ia a wall hanging with all handmade stuff...
take a look....

This statement is completely fits on it that
"All colors Bright and Beautiful". 

All flowers are handmade with duplex paper
as always i recycle some items in it to make it perfect....
do you know...what????
Noo you will never guess it....Haha
the flowers base which is white, its not just a paper...
to make a hard base i reuse wooden cake base...
and the black base is pizza box (front only) that i covered with black paper.
so this way i call it a recycled project.
isn't it nice???

Some closeups of this wall hanging...

And its the final look...

Its a saying that "Creator always loves its Creation".
I feel that its true... because I call it my masterpiece.
i know in future I will work more better but at this time
i like it....And i want to know your opinion on my this effort???
your comments and queries are welcome... 

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Thursday, June 19

Tree Keychain Holder

Hi everyone...!!!
Here is a creative and craftistic keychain holder to show you all.
I made it with thermocol sheet (packaging sheet)
can you remember i posted 1 year earlier a keychain holder
with tutorial??? (If not then check it out first. HERE)
  This one is copy of that one,
 made with same material and procedure.
only the shape and colors are different....
so take a look....

Tree keychain holder
 without adding hooks this tree looks so beautiful.

Themocol keychain holder
The older keychain holder....
 You can see this keychain holder in my archives post too, check HERE

keychain holder
After adding hooks and  keys.

keychain holder

i hope you will love this....

  any question and suggestion are welcome.
Have a nice Day....Thanks.

Sunday, January 12

CD Art...CD Painting....

Hello dear friends...!!!
Here is a quick post to show you a new and interesting DIY project.
that is CD Art or CD Painting. 

This idea come to my mind through a inspiration photo through Pinterest.
Its a kids friendly project and can b used as their school craft.
Also cheap and easy but wonderful idea to use as wall hanging.... 

you just need old CD, acralic paints and some spare time to make you own designs on it.
I just color my CD, then let it dry. then with a led pencil i do free hand designing on it,
 and then i etched its paint (according to design) with the tip of a tiny screwdriver. 

They are very simple to make, and I do love the color and sparkle!
 I hope that you enjoy yours if you end up making them. :)
waiting for your wonderful comments that makes my day....

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