Friday, October 5

White Paper Flower

Hi Friends...!!!
I start my today's post with
 A very beautiful quote on flowers...

"Flowers always make 
people better, happier,
 and more helpful; 
they are sunshine, 
food and medicine for the soul"  
My today's post is about flowers,
but they are neither fresh flowers nor the silk flowers
they are hand made paper flowers.

i love paper flowers so some time ago i think of paper 
flowers and then i start my work on it. 
 These flowers are very easy to make.

everyone who love to make flowers 
can easily  make them.

i hope i will soon post the tutorial of these flower...
 comment please...


  1. These flowers look very real and absolutely beautiful. Love them.

  2. very lovely flowers .. especially flowers sprays are very nice ..

  3. Very pretty flowers! Awaitng the tutorial.

  4. Really informative blog post here my friend. I just required commenting & say maintain the quality work. I’ve bookmarked your blog just now and Ill be back to read more in the future my friend! Also pleasant colors on the layout it goes well with the blog in my modest opinion.

    1. Thanks you my dear friend for liking my blog.
      stay connected...


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