Friday, January 4

Grass Basket

Hello everyone!!!
 Well firstly a big HAPPY NEW YEAR from me to all of you.
 Hope you all enjoyed bringing in the new year
 and look forward to the year ahead...
 My today's post is a bit informative and interesting
 and also contain a fun project.
one week ago i was in my village where
 greenery is all around.
My village home has a big lawn at its back 
so one day i saw many types of grass in my backyard.
one of the grass is "fox tail grass".
I want to tell you something about foxtail grass...
This grass has many bushy head like tail of fox,
 and can grow up to two feet tall.
It gets its name from the bushy bristle on top of the stem.
foxtails spikelets have a hardened tip like needles.
 these spikelets are very sticky and can join with other spikelets,clothes or everything easily.
 Dried Fox tail is beautifully used in dried flower arrangements in
 several forms including wreaths, garlands, baskets, etc.

Now moving on to my Creativity.
i collect many foxtail spikelets and make 
a little baskets of grass.
i have made two types of baskets one is dried
 spikelets and the second is made of fresh spikelets. i have not
 used any types of glue to make these baskets 
because foxtail spikes are easily stickable .

Some pics of grass baskets are here....

 My grass basket with aluminum hearts 

 Another little basket with wild flowers.

 Both dries and fresh grass spikelets baskets.

It is my ever new project. i never work with this
kind of things but i really enjoyed it.  Isn't it pretty....!!!
I love it....
 If you have any questions please don't hesitate to
 leave a comment below and i will get back you :)
Thank you for taking
 the time to stopping by and for
 any comments you may leave :)


  1. What a beautiful, natural basket. We have a similar plant here in the summer time which I never knew would make good crafting material. Right now it is less than 30 degrees F here and we have snow. We did ring in the New Year with good food and games. Hope 2013 will be a peaceful year.

    1. thanks madam... can b beautifully used in dried flower arrangements in several forms including wreaths, garlands, baskets, etc.

  2. Oh my gosh! those are so amazing!They are really really cool. Im so glad you decided to share them with us at For Fun!

  3. I am so glad that you shared this with us! I didn't know about this plant, but I totally love your baskets! They are so pretty and sweet! :) Thank you so much for joining us at For Fun Challenges! :)

  4. Wow, you've been busy! And you are really handy too, I could never make these! Well done and happy new year! :)

    1. Thank you so much Nonni for appreciating my work.

  5. thanks for share.

  6. Wow! What a gorgeous basket! Love your blog too and glad to follow you!

    1. Thank you Momi for your sweet words and also for following my blog. Thanks alot.

  7. Lovely - and no glue - amazing!

  8. Asak thanks for following me and leaving such sweet encouraging words !I am pleased to follow your lovely blog!

  9. These are dainty and beautiful, reminders of our spring to come (it is winter here).



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