Thursday, June 19

Tree Keychain Holder

Hi everyone...!!!
Here is a creative and craftistic keychain holder to show you all.
I made it with thermocol sheet (packaging sheet)
can you remember i posted 1 year earlier a keychain holder
with tutorial??? (If not then check it out first. HERE)
  This one is copy of that one,
 made with same material and procedure.
only the shape and colors are different....
so take a look....

Tree keychain holder
 without adding hooks this tree looks so beautiful.

Themocol keychain holder
The older keychain holder....
 You can see this keychain holder in my archives post too, check HERE

keychain holder
After adding hooks and  keys.

keychain holder

i hope you will love this....

  any question and suggestion are welcome.
Have a nice Day....Thanks.


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