Sunday, February 3

My First Blog Award..!!

I am so happy now...Because i got my first blog award from Chandana. and Bipasha.
 Thanks you so much for appreciating my work and also for selecting me for this award.

 Actually i am surprised when i knew about this award.
 I started my blogging  journey in September 2012 and its 5th month of my blog and i have published only 18 posts yet, in this situation i can't expecting any award...but thanks to my friend chandana.

Here are some rules for this award...
  1. - thank to the person who gave you award.
  2. - put a link of her  blog  in your blog. 
  3. - put in your blog the logo of the award.
  4. - give the award to 7 blogs with less than 50 members.
  5. - put a links to this blogs.
  6. - inform these people that they received the award.
  7. - write 7 thing (facts) for yourself.

Now i have to choose 7 bloggers to forwarding this award(i don't think that i am able to do this but rule is rule...) and here they are....

  1. Pallavi

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