Monday, February 11

Tutorial:Heart Mini Book

Hi friends!!!
 Here is the tutorial of heart shaped mini book. actually it is the mixture of mini book and heard shaped card with a ribbon bow.
I have tried this type of card for the very first time and it took me 3 days to complete it. 
without wasting time take a look...

You will need;-
Two red hearts (little bit strong paper)
Simple paper(for making the pages of book)
Ribbon and glue.

 Fold the paper in zig zag equal to the hearts
Draw and cut the heart shape.

 When you cut the hearts make sure that you don't
Cut the whole heart you have to 
remain attached one heart to other.
 so that make a chain of hearts...

Now take a heart and make cuts on the both
sides of it. put the ribbon in and out it from
other side.
you dont need to do it with other heart.
 Glue the both sides of the papers to both hearts.
now it look likes a book.
Tie the bow beautifully.
and decorate it with your fav stuff.
thats it...
 This is the final look of my mini book.

If you have any questions or suggestion
Do comment.
Thanks for visiting here.

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